Flight Control Replay Professional Edition is the most complete software to record and replay your flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator, PREPAR3D v5/v1, Microsoft FSX, FSX:SE, Microsoft ESP.

New features in v4.5:

  • Record your flight as a compressed and smooth video by 1 click,

  • “Change Camera Trigger” lets you select any simulator default camera during your flight replay (Cockpit / External / Showcase) and system automatically change camera at the time you configured in timeline

  • Re-Live Instant Replay : you can rewind your flight situation if you missed an approach or a flight constraint. Go backward and resume your flight to replay from any moment you choose.

  • Play As AI : your recorded flight is replayed with AI aircraft generated by FCR, to simulate formation flight. The ghosts aircraft follow the same flight path beside yours, and you can customize their position and distance, like behind or beside and multiplicate the number of AI aircraft with various instances of FCR software.

  • VR SUPPORT : Now FlightControlReplay can be used also in all VR Environments via key mapping AND for Windows Mixed Reality Headset you can also run FlightControlReplay directly into the cockpit and you are able see FCR UI for a complete use!

  • Automatic Change Camera using Keyboard Shortcut configuration : Call and activate any custom cockpit camera, smartcam or other default MSFS camera by choosing a keyboard shortcut in Camera Change dialog ! Setup the keyboard shortcut, that you configured in “MSFS Controls section”, inside the CameraChange Dialog and this will be be triggered at the choosed frame . When Replay reaches this frame,FCR triggers the keyboard shortcut and automatic activates the Camera Change that you set.





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